Long Range Thermal Imaging Flir Camera

Long Range PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal imaging security surveillance FLIR camera

Pan Tilt Zoom Long Range FLIR PTZ Thermal Security/Surveillance imaging cameras
Long Range Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ FLIR Thermal imaging camera

Tactical Imaging offers the pinnacle in Ultra-rugged,
Ultra long Range Thermal IR imaging FLIR camera systems,
Our All weather military grade Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ
gimbals are custom hand built to your exact mission requirements.

Long range thermal imaging camera

Rugged, all weather Long Range Payloads include Cooled MWIR Thermal FLIR camera with continuous zoom lenses
 as well as the longest range LWIR Uncooled Infrared Imaging Optics

Long range MWIR cooled and LWIR uncooled ptz Flir thermal imaging cameras


Long Range MWIR Cooled And LWIR Uncooled Ptz Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras

M9 Long range thermal IR infrared imaging PTZ cameras are a valuable asset to many militaries, law enforcement, industrial and commercial professionals. These exotic imaging systems are typically referred to as PTZ EOIR systems (Pan Tilt Zoom Electro Optical Infrared systems), payload options are well suited for fixed, mast, mobile, marine mounting provisions.

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Long Range Multi Sensor Pan Tilt Unit

Long Range Multi sensor pan tilt unit

M11 Multi sensor eo-ir long range pan tilt unit w/FLIR thermal imaging PTZ Ir camera If your mission requires high grade high reliability ultra long range high definition thermal infrared imaging Flir PTZ pan tilt technology with long range CCTV HD lenses from Mid to Ultra Long Range.

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M7 Pan & Tilt LWIR Uncooled / MWIR Cooled Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging Camera For Mobile EOIR Defense, UAV/Drone Detection, Security & Surveillance.

M7 Pan & Tilt LWIR Uncooled / MWIR Cooled Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging camera for mobile EOIR Defense, UAV/Drone Detection, Security & Surveillance.

 The affordable dual sensor high speed, all terrain M7 LWIR & MWIR Pan & Tilt Now available with  50+KILOMETER DETECTION RANGE Performance! CONTACT US at info@tacticalimaging.com for additional information. The M7 Long Range Thermal Imager is a complete multi-sensor PTZ flir Imaging platyform that utiulizes MWIR and LWIR long range zoom optics

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long range thermal imaging cameraM9-X Long Range Thermal IR Imaging PTZ FLIR Zoom Camera

M9 Long Range Cooled MWIR Zoom PTZ Thermal Imaging FLIR camera system Long range cooled SPI M9/SA all weather imaging system SPI LONG RANGE M9 PTZ THERMAL IMAGING ZOOM EOIR CAMERA The M9 Is the Pinnacle of multi sensor Super Ultra Rugged IP68+ Military grade gimbal, if you require the toughest, most rugged system, the M9 Varient is the ultimate long range multi sensor solution.

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Tactical Imaging ptz thermal cameras are an all weather rugged Long Range Night Vision IR PTZ Cameras Day Night HD CCTV Zoom Visible CCTV Surveillance Camera with LWIR Long Wave Infrared or optional MWIR Mid Wave Infrared sensor technologies that provide both cooled and uncooled imaging technologies.

Tactical imaging systems Long Range dual sensor and multi sensor Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal imaging FLIR camera systems comprise of the absolute best mechanical and electronic components available. These custom hand built units represent military grade platforms that are made to last and offer the user exceptional performance in all weather conditions. Our high end units are IP68+ rated. Our EOIR payloads offer you the best technological advantage over competing units with hand selected premium detectors, and lenses that have the highest specs for image uniformity and clarity. Our FLIR PTZ systems produce the sharpest, clearest images with extreme high fidelity in both the thermal imaging band, and the CCTV visual band. Our Long Life IDCA assemblies are currently logging over 50,000 hours of continuous operation. Our Long Range thermal cameras offer precision continuos optical zoom germanium lenses that have remarkable Detection, Recognition and Identification capabilities. The systems last longer, see farther and are easy to learn and operate with fully universal open architecture plug and play connectivity with a host of analog and digital protocols. Typically Ultra Long Range systems are complimented with Gyro Stabilization for smooth, jitter free real time video ensuring target identification at long distance standoff ranges. We offer Short (SRTI), medium (MRTI), Long Range (LRTI) and Ultra Long Range (ULRTI) Thermal imaging FLIR cameras. with Wide field of view Lenses from 90 Degrees all the way to Ultra Narrow 0.3 FOV. Multiple Zoom MWIR and LWIR lenses are available to satisfty all range detection requirements from 100 Meters to 60 Kilometers.

Basic features of the system are Extreme reliability, multiple user selectable payloads, auto imaging with image correction and enhancement, zero backlash and image stabilization, full 360 degree rotation, superb image quality in day/night.

The Tactical Imaging Thermal multi-sensor PTZ cameras pack ultra long range HD visible day/night camera, along with Extreme long-range 55+km thermal infrared zoom sensors and optics, BSTFA Broadband color night vision and additional complimentary sensors are available to round out the perfect PTZ imaging system to satisfy your requirements. This multi-sensor payload enables Tactical Imaging PTZ FLIRs to provide high-resolution imaging in virtually any environment from heavy fog to complete darkness in day or night. The all weather rugged positing gimbal system can withstand shock, vibration, temperature and dust/water/rain. This makes it the ultimate long range border, coastal camera system for 24/7 situational awareness and long-range recognition and identification of targets on land and sea.

Tactical Imaging thermal security / surveillance FLIR PTZ cameras let you see further than any
other night vision technology, using heat rather than light to
see objects. This cooled/uncooled thermal imaging camera is equipped
with a midwave/Longwave (MWIR/LWIR) detectors, producing ultra-sharp thermal images of 640×480 to HD resolution. This will satisfy users that want to see the smallest of details and demand the best possible
image quality. Tactical Imaging PTZ Thermal imaging long range camera allows the user to see more detail and detect smaller objects from a further distance. Coupled with a high sensitivity, Fast precision continuous optical zoom coated and hardened germanium optics, this camera offers extreme long-range performance and excellent image quality. Our units are fully customizable & compliant with Genetec. Our systems can be integrated with led & illuminated very high intensity flood and spotlights with IR and visible white lights.

Long Range MWIR Cooled and LWIR Uncooled detectors
The Tactical Imaging camera lineup models contain your choice of LWIR uncooled or MWIR cooled sensors with SD Standard Definition or high definition resolution, Our long life coolers for the MWIR variants are the best in class lasting up to 50,000 hours. Our Image enhancement and correction algorithms allow you to see further, clearer and sharper in very demanding environments, more detail for tracking of targets at extreme ranges in total darkness and through most obscurants, with performance up to par with 3000mm thermal imaging optical systems.

Continuous Long Range Zoom Germanium Lens
The cooled MCT/INSB thermal detector core is paired with a precision-engineered f1 LWIR and F4 MWIR germanium zoom lens allowing you to view targets with a smooth stable optical zoom ranges from 50mm to 2000mm. This allows for long distance detection of thermal targets by offering anything Wide to Super Narrow field of view. These lenses also feature auto focus capabilities, delivering crisp, clear images even when adjusting zoom, ensuring
optimal performance and situational awareness in the wide field of view and crisp details in the narrow field of view.

Extreme Long Range Detection
Tactical Imaging PTZ FLIR thermal IR cameras imaging cameras come in a selection of Cooled MWIR and uncooled MWIR variants depending on range detection needs and cost, both offer supreme terrestrial targets DRI. Using real-time image enhancements (anti-blooming, contrast enhancement, and scene optimization), These PTZ cameras can detect targets at extreme standoff ranges.

Long Range HD Visible/NIR CMOS HD color low light Day Night Camera
The Tactical imaging visible cameras are specifically designed and optimized for long range surveillance. It uses BSI CMOS starlight CMOS high fidelity low light sensor with HD resolution, impressive instrumentation signal to noise ratio. The HD sensor has excellent spectral sensitivity for both visible and NIR wavelengths and features an automatic IR sensing module, making it a true day/night camera providing clear long range low light day/night vision. HD detector provides the best balance between light sensitivity and maximum zoom, making it particularly suited for long range surveillance. The system has clutter cutting anti haze and fog capabilities as well.

Real Time Long Range Image Processing & Optimization
The Tactical Imaging PTZ Thermal Imaging FLIR cameras also integrate the latest technology in real-time image processing such as BLC, HLC, DWDR, EIS, ROI, 3D DNR, DDD, EIS, ABF, Defog/ Haze etc. Each of these image enhancements can be automatic or user-defined and calibrated based on the application requirements. A Selection of connectivities are available such as IP, Ethernet, Fiber, analog, HDMI, HD-SDI, GIGE and a host of custom configured hookups catered to any new or existing networks, all of these settings can be changed and configured remotely, along with remote viewing, controlling PTZ and zoom control.

Long Range Continuous Zoom Visible/NIR (IR Corrected) Lens
The Tactical Imaging PTZ FLIR cameras are equipped with precision engineered IR-corrected continuous zoom lenses from 10mm all the way up to 2550mm, offering an incredible Ultra long range zoom range from wide to very narrow FOV (Field Of Views)  when paired with the HD CMOS sensor. Tactical imaging Pan Tilt Stabilized zoom optics are built with the highest quality fluorite ELD low dispersion coated/hardened glass, and the integrated rapid auto focus allows long range
recognition and identification of targets without operator intervention.

Long Range Integrated Haze/Smoke/Fog Filter
Our systems have de-haze / De-clutter image processing to see through fog, smoke, smog and haze that render standard optical cameras unusable. Tactical imaging HD Zoom camera is a perfect synergy between precision craftsmanship, state of the art sensor hardware and the latest image processing for unparalleled range and performance.

Optional complimentary sensors and add-ons
Optional LRF Laser Range finders, IR lasers illuminators/designators and pointers are available as well as an array of sensors such as SWIR, BSTFA, to compliment CCTV and MWIR/LWIR sensors, Radar slew to cue along with tracking and tagging is available as well.

Military Grade IP68 Gyro Stabilized Gimbal Turret Pan Tilt Drive/ positioner
The integrated Multi Elliptical Synchronous Drive P/T Positioner is weapons systems grade positioner designed for
military applications and is able to withstand shock and vibration for use on tanks and navy vessels. The systems Ip68+ rating assures the user long life and extreme reliability.The pan tilt implements an Elliptical Synchronous Drive for high torque to handle large payloads while providing micro steps as precise as 0.00025° for smooth manual control or automatic slew to cue tracking when used with Video Analytics, VTMS systems, Radar, AIS and weapon systems. The integrated multi-axis stabilization offers rock-steady imagery especially when zoomed in at long ranges and distances reducing the effects of vibration, jitter, oscillation, pitch and roll for
unparalleled stabilization on fixed and mobile platforms such as tanks, humvees, assault vehicles and more.

Rugged And Robust military grade MIL-810-STD
The Tactical Imaging systems are comprised of military grade, precision engineered
components and manufactured using unique processes to offer absolute performance. It uses a military style connector to supply power, video, and communication over a single cable and does not require a junction box or external electronics of any kind, increasing reliability and the amount of time required to install the system. The entire system is designed for the most demanding mobile applications.
It is MIL-STD-810F/G tested and certified and is sealed to a minimum of IP66 making it water and dust proof. Its internal heater/blower allows it operate in conditions from –50°C to +65°C and both the pan/tilt and enclosure use a tough anti-corrosion finish for continued operation in the most brutal and harsh climatic conditions.

Intuitive Plug and Play System
While the X9 is an extremely sophisticated multi-sensor system it is also a user-friendly plug-and-play solution controllable by touch screen, mouse, VMS systems, DVR/NVR or 3-axis joystick. This allows the X9 to be operated by any individual with little or no training and ensures compatibility with new and existing equipment. The units offer plug and play easy connectivity.

Remote Connectivity IP Internet Ready ONVIF
The Tactical imaging EOIR systems are an IP system that allows you to instantly and remotely connect, and control it through the internet in real-time from anywhere in the world using 5XT on your PC, iPhone, or Android device. For remote or mobile applications Internet bandwidth is often limited, which why our DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras can record at one resolution and stream
at another. Our web client also allows you to change your settings, update firmware and activate image enhancements in real time even including back focus lens adjustment. Local controls are also available.

Scope trucks
Mobile Surveillance systems
Force Protection
Perimeter Security
Embassy Protection Forces
Mobile/Fixed Command Centers
Ruggedized Surveillance
Tactical Command and Control
Day/Night Situational Awareness
Anti-Pirate systems
Wireless Secured Communication
Enterprise Video Management
GPS Enabled Video Analytics
Threat Detection Technologies
Radar, Microwave and Electromagnetic
Ranger Finders and Target Acquisition
UAV Equipped with Multi-Sensor
Sniper Detection

Extreme Low light Progressive Scan and EMCCD imaging
Ultra HD 12MP 4k Resolution Day Night Zoom Cameras
SWIR Short Wave Infrared 400~2,200nm Cameras
LWIR Long Wave Infrared Thermal Imaging 7~14UM
MWIR Mid Wave Infrared Thermal Imaging 3-5UM
EO/IR Electro Optical and Thermal IR imaging multi sensor
Long Range Zoom Laser IR Infrared invisible light illumination 1-5km
Integrated Window Wiper with Nano Coating
Non ITAR long range Night Vision cameras
Long Range LRF Laser Range Finders
Fiber Optic Gryo Stabilization
Laser Pointer and Designators
LRAD Long Range Acoustic Hailing Device
Radar Slew To Cue Auto Target Tracking

The Key importance of long range FLIR PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal Ir imaging EOIR camera gimbal systems for security and surveillance of Critical infrastructure facilities, borders shore and coastlines for military, homeland security, industrial and commercial applications.

that must secure large areas with extended outer boundary and numerous entry points, present a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to perimeter protection. As such, true end-to-end perimeter protection calls for the utilization of a sophisticated, multi-layered solution that is capable of defending against long range threats.

Integrated systems that incorporate PTZ FLIR style thermal imaging, visible cameras, radar and strong command and control software are crucial for covering the various potential areas of attacks. Tact enable to achieve an end-to-end solution, Tactical imaging provides effective long range EO/IR remote intrusion detection, security/surveillance/assessment and perimiter defense.

The first step in effectively defending against a threat is recognizing that it’s there. By combining state-of-the-art long range thermal IR imaging FLIR cameras along with long range HD CCTV zoom visible TV cameras integrated into a pan tilt zoom PTZ EOIR gimbal, this threat can be tackled. An exceptionally important aspect of effective long range zoom coastal, border security is the ability to conduct 24-hour surveillance, regardless of weather conditions, environmental settings, or time of day. Long Range FLIR Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ thermal IR imaging cameras can provide constant protection against potential human, mobile or airborne intruders, regardless of visual limitations, light source or many environmental factors. In fact, well-planned agencies & organizations located near borders, shores and coastlines can use Long Range PTZ thermal FLIR cameras to create an Invisible Thermal Fence in areas where they are unable to utilize the protection of a physical fence or wall.

Custom Built OEM EO/IR PTZ Solution based on application and budget

They are many manufactures of thermal infrared flir imaging cooled and uncooled systems and visible ccd cctv zoom 1000mm and 2000mm lens available, Tactical imaging can custom configure the perfect camera system for your exact application and integrate it into an existing network or a brand new install. Multiple exotic sensors and detectors are available like long range zoom telephoto long distance Visible, Thermal, Active IR, Range Gated, SWIR, NIR, Color night vision, Starlight, cooled MWIR thermal and uncooled LWIR Thermal. SPI listens to the customer & designs the perfect system for your needs all at an affordable low cost solution, we offer EOIR multi sensor systems to leverage the benefit of all of these technologies into integrated camera systems that operate as one complete system. We custom build cameras to suit the individual needs of our customers, our systems are by far the absolute most rugged and reliable in the world, come visit our ISO factory to se all of what we do when manufacturing your camera system. We offer in house and in the field training & are a premier manufacturer of night vision electro optical systems. Our systems are all military grade and offer MIL STD 810 Ratings amongst other premier certifications.

Military & Homeland Security Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Governments around the world are faced with the growing challenge of threats from both internal unrest and outside intrusions; homeland security has never been a larger concern. With the new face of terrorism it has become increasingly difficult to isolate and appropriately respond to threats, without burdening the average citizen, before they cause catastrophic damage. These new threats require new technologies. Homeland security can no longer rely solely on traditional technologies such as thermal and intensified images but must augment and replace their existing equipment with technologies that are able to provide true identification of targets day or night. This requires the utilization of video analytics and applied automated intelligence to help operators identify and respond to suspicious activity before it poses a threat in real time.
Homeland Security Border Protection
Homeland security and battlefields are the environments with the highest stakes; countless lives of military personnel, law enforcement and civilians are on the line. Having situational awareness and gaining a tactical advantage is absolutely critical. Instruments and surveillance equipment must provide real-time long range threat detection as well as the ability to identify and neutralize threats.

Tactical imaging is committed to providing state-of-the-art integrated surveillance solutions including ultra-long range night vision, premier security, situational assessment and a host of technologies and turnkey solutions designed for 24/7 operation in the most brutal of environments. SPI can custom build to suit any application including but not limited to:

Force Protection, Perimeter Security, Embassy Protection Forces, Mobile/Fixed Command Centers, Ruggedized Surveillance, Tactical Command and Control, Day/Night Situational Awareness, Anti-Pirate systems, Wireless Secured Communication, Enterprise Video Management, GPS Enabled Video Analytics, Threat Detection Technologies, Radar, Microwave and Electromagnetic, Laser LRF Ranger Finders and Target Acquisition, UAV Detection & Identification Equipped with Multi-Sensor Sniper Detection, Missile/rocket tracking, EOIR, RSTA C4ISR, ISR.

Intelligent Video Analytics and Thermal Infrared FLIR imaging cameras

Video analytics is revolutionizing the way we use cameras. Video analytics allows us to add intelligence and automation to security cameras dramatically increasing performance and capabilities. Video analytics are widely used with optical cameras as optical cameras cost less and are more abundant than thermal cameras. This has been a major limiting factor to the effectiveness and performance of video analytics. Optical cameras require light and as a result the images they produce change with the lighting conditions. Video analytics detect changes in a scene and, through advanced algorithms, rules and user defined parameters, it intelligently creates alerts when an abnormal event causes a trigger. A common example is a trip wire where a user draws a perimeter and if any object crosses that perimeter it generates an alarm. In a more advanced and automated system this will move a PTZ to the position of intrusions and even auto track the intruder. Optical cameras have a high false alarm rate because changes in lighting can trigger false alarms. Optical cameras are also limited to around 200 feet at night as they use traditional IR LED illumination. LWIR and MWIR (uncooled and cooled) Thermal FLIR Cameras, however, is ideal for video analytics as it is immune to changing light. When properly installed, one thermal camera with Infiniti’s video analytics can cover up to 5km of perimeter with an extremely low false alarm rate.

Continuous Zoom Thermal Infrared Imaging Germanium optical Lenses

Continuous zoom LWIR and MWIR Thermal Imaging Lenses are the most desirable format of PTZ FLIR imaging, they smoothly zoom continuously from a wide field of view (WFOV) all the way up to narrow field of view (NFOV). Tactical imaging cooled and uncooled optics are made of the finest Germanium lenses which are hardened and coated to give you the cleanest thermal infrared image. The Coated DLC Germanium lenses are fast precision optics that produce the cleanest and clearest most sensitive thermal image.

Long range pan tilt zoom PTZ Thermal Imaging Multi Sensor camera system connectivity

Our long range ptz thermal imaging cameras are easy to learn & extremely easy to install, The units are fully universal and have Serial data and analog video outputs, connecting to Ethernet, IP or any standard wired or wireless network is simple, due to the non proprietary / universal outputs. Many commercially available off the shelf modules are also available that interconnect to the gimbal for custom or exotic installs.


Affordable low cost solution to long range day/night imaging, incorporating the best quality, highest grade materials that are made to last.
Detect objects, vehicles, persons or incidents even in complete darkness and make it impossible for individuals to hide in shadows or blend in against complex backgrounds.
Do not demand any additional light sources and handles many difficult weather conditions including smoke, haze and dust.
Cannot be blinded by strong lights or put out of order using laser pointers, etc.
Are available as out-of-the-box outdoor-ready products for cost-effective installation & complement many network video installations.
Require minimized storage and bandwidth due to support for industry-standard video compression techniques such as Motion JPEG and H.264.
Are ideal for intelligent video and typically offer higher accuracy in analytics than conventional cameras, because they are immune to light conditions and normal shadows. The cameras offer video motion detection, active tampering alarm, and provide capacity for third-party analytics modules, including support for COTS Camera Application Platform.
Support Power over Ethernet to supply power to the camera via the network, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.
Include the industry-standard open interface which ensures support for the market’s broadest range of video management systems. Tactical imaging ptz flir cameras Can be custom configured with Ultra long range optics for extreme distance detection ranges such as:
5 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
10 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
15 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
20 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
25 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
30 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
35 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
40 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
45 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
50 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
55 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges
60 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges


Like any other camera, a thermal or thermographic flir imaging camera collects electromagnetic radiation which is formed into an image. But while a conventional cmos/ccd, tv, eo or ccd/cctv cameras works in the range of visible light, i.e. with wavelengths between approximately 400 and 700 nanometers (0.4–0.7 μm), a thermal imaging flir camera is designed to detect radiation with greater wavelengths, up to around 14,000 nanometers (14 μm). Radiation in this part of the electromagnetic spectrum is referred to as infrared, or commonly IR, which in turn can be divided into several sub-groups. Near-infrared light has a wavelength of about 0.7–1.5 µm, which is just beyond what the human eye can see. Camera sensors, on the other hand, can be built to detect and make use of this type of radiation. A so-called day-and-night camera uses an IR-cut filter during daytime to filter out IR-light so it will not distort the colors of images as perceived by the human eye. When the camera is in night mode, the IR-cut filter is removed. Since the human eye is unable to see infrared light the camera displays the image in black and white. Near infrared light or NIR also requires some kind of light source – either natural, such as moonlight, or man-made, such as street lights or a dedicated IR-lamp.

Additional functionality from the M7 Provides an optioanl 16:9 wide screen video that shows more of the important part of the scene and fits well on modern screens. The M7 thermal imaging camera is equipped with powerful continuous optical zoom capability on the thermal image. It offers excellent situational awareness but also the possibility to zoom-in, and see more detail, once a target has been detected. This way operators can see farther recognize more detail and react more quickly to security threats. The advantage of continuously zooming compared to other systems that are using a rotating lens system is that there is no switch or swapping between the different images. You can gradually zoom in while keeping your focus all the time. The unit has quick auto focus & has a plethora of upgradeability options to make sure the system stays current with your evolving surveillance network.

Moving further away from visible light, the rest of the IR-spectrum is usually divided into the following categories: Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR), approx. 1 – 3 µm Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR), approx. 3 – 5 µm Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR), approx. 8 – 12 µm Very Long-Wave Infrared (VLWIR), approx. 12 – 25 µm Far-Wave Infrared (FWIR), approx. 25 µm – 1 000 µm or 1 mm Note that there is a gap between 5 µm (MWIR) and 8 µm (LWIR). This part of the waveband is virtually unusable for thermal imaging purposes because of the high spectral absorption of the atmosphere in this range. Microwaves have a wavelength exceeding 1 mm. At the far end of the spectrum are radio waves, with a wavelength of 1 meter and more. In the other end of the spectrum, wavelengths shorter than those of visible light are successively referred to as ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays.

An object’s thermal radiation is also dependent on its temperature – the hotter it is the more thermal radiation it emits. Humans cannot see this, but we can sense it, for example, when we approach a camp fire or enter a sauna. The greater the temperature difference in a scene, the clearer will the thermal flir images will be. Furthermore, some materials will have a different emissivity in the mid-wave infrared spectrum than in the long-wave span. For imaging purposes these differences in emissivity are, for the most part, of secondary importance since the camera’s sensitivity can be defined as its capability to distinguish between temperature differentials. Thermal images are sometimes associated with bright, intense colors – which may seem a bit odd considering that the camera works outside the spectrum of visible light. The answer is that the colors are created digitally, so-called pseudo-colors but produce a very vivid crisp useable picture. Each color or nuance represents a different temperature, usually white and red for higher temperatures, over green, blue and violet for colder ones. The reason is foremost practical since the human eye is better at distinguishing different shades of color than different shades of grey. Detectors used for thermal imaging can be broadly divided into two types: Cooled thermal imagers that typically operate in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) band and uncooled thermal imagers that operate in the long-wave infrared (LWIR) range. Cooled and uncooled systems both have thier advantages in the world of thermal imaging applications.

With PTZ or pan / tilt / zoom thermal imaging becoming relatively cheaper and an integral part of Short, medium, long and extreme ultra long range Surveillance, security, observation systems, a whole range of uses becomes both possible and economically viable. Thermal flir PTZ cameras can be an excellent complement in many situations where conventional cameras diminish thier performance as low light levels are present. They are, of course, unparalleled in a situation of twilight, thermal cross-over, near darkness and total darkness. They can also be an option in areas that are very difficult to illuminate effectively, for example a sea front, a harbor, or any other vast expanse of open water thus making SPI’s PTZ thermal infrared imaging Ir cameras paramount for use in marine, boat, vessel and ship applications. Similarly, artificial light not only runs the risk of revealing where the cameras are placed, enabling parties to avoid or vandalize them, but can also create projected shadows in which an intruder can avoid detection. Furthermore, spotlights can blind as well as illuminate. So cameras that do not rely on light can be the preferred solution in many different traffic situations, whether it is in railway tunnels, on air strips, runways, or on regular streets. Thermal flir PTZ cameras, on the other hand, cannot be blinded by bright lights or laser beams.

SPI Corp’s long range multi sensor Eoir flir thermal imaging camera systems offer substantial long distance detection ranges allowing the operator to be positioned at very far distant standoff locations offering ample time to react, to threats or targets of interest. Long range imaging systems provide a benefit to the user when coupled with an array of sensors and geo locating modules especially in specialty military, security and surveillance applications. The farther you are, the more time you have to react and not be seen.

What the science behind a thermal imaging FLIR IR night vision PTZ pan tilt gimbal turret camera?

(a) Housing – Usually composed of an aluminum bell shaped cover, The housing can be of all shapes and sizes from plastic to military grade hardened coated all weather NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical compliant
(b) Camera module
This is where the image FLIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, night vision, intensified, cmos, long wave, short wave, mid wave cooled and uncooled detector and sensors reside, CCD sensor, optical zoom germanium DFOV, TFOV, Fixed and CZ continuous zoom lenses, and the motors that control Zoom and Focus are located.
(c) PTZ Pan Tilt control board
The PTZ control board processes RS485 data that converts it into mechanical movements. Some are Pelco, Pelco Extended and are available in a wide array of protocols supporting VMS, GUI, ONVIF, IP, ETHERNET, FIBER, MICROWAVE, ANALOG, DIGITAL and WIRELESS
(d) PTZ motors – are the small motors that allow the thermal FLIR and CCTV HD camera to perform up, down, left and right functions. Marked by the arrows are two step motors; the one to the top controls up and down movements and the one at the bottom controls left and right movements, some systems have no motors and other methods of moving the cameras PTZ, some use brushless motors.

We can Customize your Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal, CCTV and other exotic sensor system to cater to your exact application,
We have facilities that can satisfy any requirement in a rapid response timeframe. We offer the worlds best weapons grade all weather hardened PTZ EOIR
imaging systems. Contact us for additional information and pricing or call 702-499-9551

Long Range Visible HD CCTV cameras can compliment the Thermal cameras and assist in daytime and low light DRI (Detection, Recognition and Identification)

Critical infrastructure applications require not only continuous video surveillance and monitoring, but also a solution that yields highly reliable intrusion detection, with fewer false alarms. This need makes advanced video analytics a must for any adequate long range thermal/cctv surveillance system.

Advanced analytics will provide multiple automated alarm notification options, including email, edge image storage, digital outputs or video management software (VMS) alarms. Incorporating high quality, unique and adaptive analytics can virtually eliminate false alarms, allowing security personnel to respond more efficiently and effectively, while also lowering overall cost for the end user.

While surveillance technologies such as radar, thermal flir imaging and visible cameras, or video analytics work well on their own, utilizing all of these options together provide an advanced perimeter detection system. For example, ground surveillance radar can detect possible threats beyond the fence line as they approach and send a signal to pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, triggering them to slew to a specific location. From there, embedded analytics and visible cameras can further identify objects, notify authorized staff, and collect additional evidence through facial recognition or high-quality photos.

Once an intrusion attempt is discovered, it is important to act fast. Organizing a response system that can initiate actions based on GPS location data, such as the slewing of FLIR PTZ cameras, automated intruder tracking or activated lighting sensors, greatly increases staff’s situational awareness while easing their workload. For instance, thermal imagers deployed in conjunction with video analytics can be used to generate an initial alarm event, which can then trigger a sequence of other security equipment and notifications for personnel to eventually respond to. Having all of this in place essentially lays the entire situation out in a way that allows responders to accurately understand and evaluate a scene.

After the designated auto-response mechanisms have activated and done their job, it is time for responders to acknowledge and assess the situation. From here, authorized personnel can take the next appropriate step toward defending against and delaying the threat. Deterring suspicious activity can be achieved through real-time two-way audio, a simple but powerful tool. Often, control room operators can diffuse a situation by speaking over an intercom, telling the trespasser that they are being watched and that the authorities have been notified.

The primary purpose of the delay facet of the overall perimeter protection strategy is to stall an attempted intrusion long enough for responders to act. Access control systems play a key role in realizing this objective. When a security officer sees a non-compliant, suspicious individual on the camera feed, the officer can lock all possible exits to trap them in one area all through the VMS.