Long range MWIR cooled and LWIR uncooled ptz Flir thermal imaging cameras

http://lawplan.org/dispute-resolution/ciarb-member-1/ Long range border/coastal/shoreline security & surveillance thermal IR infrared imaging PTZ cameras are a valuable asset to many military, law enforcement, industrial and commercial professionals. These exotic imaging systems are typically referred to as FLIR PTZ Cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom…

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Long Range Multi Sensor Ptz Flir Thermal Imaging Pan Tilt Camera Unit

Long Range Multi sensor ptz flir thermal imaging pan tilt camera unit

see M11 Multi sensor eo-ir long range pan tilt unit w/FLiR thermal imaging PTZ IR camera If your mission requires high grade high reliability ultra long range high definition thermal infrared imaging Flir PTZ pan tilt technology with long range CCTV…

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M7 Pan Tilt Zoom LWIR Uncooled / MWIR Cooled Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging Camera For Mobile EOIR Defense, UAV/Drone Detection, Security & Surveillance.

M7 Pan Tilt zoom LWIR Uncooled / MWIR Cooled Long Range Thermal PTZ FLIR Imaging camera for mobile EOIR Defense, UAV/Drone Detection, security & Surveillance.

enter Long Range thermal camera  The affordable high speed, all terrain M7 LWIR & MWIR Pan & Tilt Now available with  50+KILOMETER DETECTION RANGE Performance ! CONTACT US at info@tacticalimaging.com for additional information. The M7 Long Range Thermal Imager is a complete multi-sensor…

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